Who is Tu Fu

ZimeiChinese子美TranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinZǐmeǐShaoling YelaoChinese少陵野老TranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinShàolíng Yělǎo Du Fu (Wade–Giles: Tu Fu; Chinese: 杜甫;...
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Tu Fu Poems

  • On A Prospect Of T'ai-shan
    How is one to describe this king of mountains? Throught the whole of Ch'i and
    Lu one never loses sight of its greenness. In it the Creator has concentrated
    all that is numinous and beautiful. Its northern and southern slopes divide the
    dawn from the dark. The layered clouds begin at the climber's heaving chest, ...
  • Overnight At The Riverside Tower
    Evening colors linger on mountain paths.
    Out beyond this study perched over River Gate,
    At the cliff's edge, frail clouds stay
    All night. Among waves, a lone, shuddering ...
  • Alone, Looking For Blossoms Along The River
    The sorrow of riverside blossoms inexplicable,
    And nowhere to complain -- I've gone half crazy.
    I look up our southern neighbor. But my friend in wine
    Gone ten days drinking. I find only an empty bed. ...
  • Ballad Of The Army Carts
    The carts squeak and trundle, the horses whinny, the conscripts go by, each
    with a bow and arrows at his waist. Their fathers, mothers, wives, and children
    run along beside them to see them off. The Hsien-yang Bridge cannot be seen for
    dust. They pluck at the men's clothes, stamp their feet, or stand in the way ...
  • Spring Night In The Imperial Chancellery
    Evening falls on palace walls shaded by flowering trees, with cry of birds
    flying past on their way to roost. The stars quiver as they look down on the
    myriad doors of the palace, and the moon's light increases as she moves into
    the ninefold sky. Unable to sleep, I seem to hear the sound of the bronze-clad ...
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White 6 River 6 Moon 6 Light 5 Spring 5 Away 5 Dark 5 Long 4 Sky 4 Remember 4

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Comments about Tu Fu

  • Rinagarciachua: the nation falls to ruins; rivers and mountains continue - tu fu, "spring prospect"
  • Bradweslake: from eliot weinberger, “from “the life of tu fu”” (poetry, may 2022).
  • 48_quotes: if you draw a bow, draw the strongest. if you use an arrow, use the longest. to shoot a rider, first shoot his horse. to catch a gang of bandits, first capture its leader. - chinese poet tu fu, tang dynasty
  • Rafaelv60649256: by b9g toy fh do if toy echo n un y thy tv 6v t fu fui uf j 6g gu 7g to 6 rn t su in yo my o if rock i'm in tin n un un d7 tv en it u hd en tu tu 7g i hd fh y got fit fui 7h 7g to to gj k un fb yo if j un up hm o it to his dry of to f7 tj fh u eh yo
  • Newsmedical: discovery of host co-factors necessary for sars-cov2 infection
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