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Yosa Buson or Yosa no Buson (与謝 蕪村, 1716 – January 17, 1784) was a Japanese poet and painter of the Edo period. Along with Matsuo Bashō and Kobayashi Issa, Buson is considered among the greatest poets of the Edo Period. He is also known for completing haiga as a style of art, working with haibun prose, and experimenting with a mixed Chinese-Japanese style of poetry.


Early life, training, and travels

Buson was born in the village of Kema in Settsu Province (present-day Kema, Miyakojima Ward, Osaka). His original family name was Taniguchi. Buson scarcely discussed his childhood, but it is commonly thought that he was the illegitimate son of the village head and a migrant worker from Yoza. According to the Taniguchi family in Yosan...
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Moon 7 Spring 6 River 5 Evening 4 White 4 Pillow 3 Dark 3 Small 3 Water 3 Wind 3

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_ui1422: two walking sharing an umbrella a spring rain love story yosa buson
_ui1422: dewy grass silently weeping in the dying sun yosa buson
Eve_castle: . i go, you stay; two autumns. yosa buson (1716-1783) translation by robert hass, the essential haiku, 1994
Estherhawdon: "once the first snow runs to the bottom of itself... moon over bamboo" buson yosa [shinsui ito/ teruhide kato]
Estherhawdon: "a branch snaps under snow waking me from a dream of the cherries flowering on yoshino" buson yosa [hasui kawase / kaii higashiyama]
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