About The Little Girl That Beat Her Sister Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Go go my naughty girl and kissA
Your little sister dearB
I must not have such things as thisA
And noisy quarrels hereC
What little children scratch and fightD
That ought to be so mildE
Oh Mary it's a shocking sightD
To see an angry childE
I can't imagine for my partF
The reason for your follyG
She did not do you any hurtH
By playing with your dollyG
See see the little tears that runI
Fast from her watery eyeJ
Come my sweet innocent have doneI
'Twill do no good to cryJ
Go Mary wipe her tears awayK
And make it up with kissesL
And never turn a pretty playK
To such a pet as this isM

Ann Taylor


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