France Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Unhappy State with horrors still to striveA
Thy Hugo dead thy Boulanger aliveA
A Prince who'd govern where he dares not dwellB
And who for power would his birthright sellB
Who anxious o'er his enemies to reignC
Grabs at the scepter and conceals the chainC
While pugnant factions mutually striveA
By cutting throats to keep the land aliveA
Perverse in passion as in pride perverseD
To all a mistress to thyself a curseD
Sweetheart of Europe every sun's embraceE
Matures the charm and poison of thy graceE
Yet time to thee nor peace nor wisdom bringsF
In blood of citizens and blood of kingsF
The stones of thy stability are setG
And the fair fabric trembles at a threatG

Ambrose Bierce


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