With the pain and Plight of leaving our families behind
The tears of our wives, children, fathers and mothers, running down their supple and shrinked cheeks
Holding back our hands and legs; our uniforms and boots
But, to guide and protect our land, we have sworn; with our strength, might and lives, we have vowed

Thud-thud sounds of parading boots, heading to a place of suffocating black shrouds
Ancient walls and drainage, where signs are all hidden, becomes our abode and shelter
We swallow our joy, laughter and sweet jokes, for the blood we shed, the shattered and scattered bones we trample upon, the rodents and birds we feed on, has diluted our minds as venegar

We are protectors
Married to our metal protection
Protected by the omniscient protector

We are bravos
Dressed in mental dignity to appease our nation
Even with the unshed tears sitting like ice pellets in our eyes
Yet, our hearts still bleed because we are humans; not monsters
We are bravos, married to Same woman