You played
Professed love
Kissed passionately
I trusted you

You threw pillows
Ran to the kitchen
Holding each other's waist
I trusted you

He took you to bed
Showered you all sweet words
You opened your legs to him
I trusted you

You threw up
Felt dizzy
But I was happy because
I was the goodnews

Your attitude changed
You listened to that old man
Who gave you bottles to drink
I was aware, mother

I struggled in your silver bowl
I dodged those I could
I watched you cry
But I never knew why

You finally ran to him
The man with whom you opened your legs to
You broke the goodnews
But your faces turned sour

My ladder ran out of rungs
He gave you some papers
But I trusted you won't get rid of me
Why did I fall into this blame game?

Thoughts of me as a bad fruit
Got     Me      Weak
I shivered in that silver bowl
Oh mother... You sold me
You sold me for less than 30pieces of silver

Why did you play with him?
Why did you accept him?
Why did you open your legs to him
If you knew you never needed me?

Oh! Mother...
Out of your silver bowl
I feel breathless
And now, lifeless

At this last breath
I curse my happy days
If I would see my creator
I would sue you for letting me go