From the exterior calmness and a glorious view
You'd feel the breeze of brighter smiles
The sensational winds and sun rays,--
Blessed seasons,to mention a few
The other side where I'd rather be
The better side to be.

The side where honey isn't from bees
Where share and share are same and same
The place where no lock needs keys
And for any fault man is no to blame
The home of collective responsibility
Definition of shared pain and joy
The side I'd rather be.

The other side, where I needn't to hide
There's no fear of the unknown
There's just hope and honor
No past, no memories drawn
The side without a corner
Just a sphere of peace and sobber
In this side I'd embrace love.

Is this the other side of the River?
Or it's the other time--
The time, when there was no fame
The time when a blind man needn't a stick
And a healthy man wasn't sick
When there were no boots to lick
No rulers but leaders
The time without sides.

This is the time I'd be at home.
Is it in the past or it's a future?
Because we're leaving in neither.