One morning the world woke up,
strange and startled.
This day was blue,
and the sky was gray.
The sun wouldn't rise again,
until months or years later.
It was a mark of the dark days,
when the light was far from the center.
Nature was imbalanced and
the system lost direction.
Science and math was the last hope in earth.
And people lost faith.
Some blamed others for the course,
entitling them the sole cause.
Others prayed in their homes,
And studied not in their schools.
But all of them had a commonness,
Fading hope.
Few stood strong but not for long.
Some denied, some agreed and
some isolated their souls.
And people learned new ways,
how to walk, talk and dress.
And it was not just a mess,
It had two sides like any story,
Where some felt sorry,
and others spotted glory.
The tears of the world were
hoped to clean it's eyes.
Everyone saw this day but,
not everyone lived in the next.