I run and run, trying to get away,
I flee on sight, terrified to death.
I know I'm innocent but not okay,
I'm out of air officer, I can't breath.

I feel I'm a mistake, unwanted outlander,
With a loaded gun, my look is the target.
It matters not, even when I surrender,
How can I breath when I'm heartlessly shot?

My life's on the edge, I can't walk alone,
I have no rights, but you for my protection.
They gave you a badge, my life's no longer mine,
For such a sadist, do you deserve absolution?

Where's your heart? Humanity is just a word,
What do you want? Melanin is involuntary.
My skin is a threat, yours lights the world,
I was born in the night, when there was no equity.

I can't run anymore, my life matters,
I need to push back, I only survive not live.
Words have been said before, they need new ears,
We're an ardent pack, there's more we deserve.