A Letter For The King Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In a dream I d give anything to wake up fromA
a wake up call that d informB
how you re entrapped in this castle of disdainC
As I swore to languish this pain so did you fortify to your gainC
and again and again to widen your domainC
at the expense of not only subjects but your first sonD
We all clapped to your promising ambitionsE
the father of not only this but many nationsE
years later only evidence is of the crippled visionsE
All I m left with is hope hope that the wind blows my wordsF
to one of your heavenly mansionsE
or the gates of one of your favorite bungalowsG
If only you had a single quintessenceH
you d relate to this haves not state and placeI
where a full plate is another imaginable face of fateJ
Every morning reminds me of the pastK
when your words would forever lastK
but your future would be a tragic thrustL
I blame my naive anticipations or age and convictionsE
As the day I stood by my beautiful princessM
I didn t only need you present as a witnessN
I prayed you d be a father a leader or at least a land giverO
but your self centered smile wouldn t be a paverO
But if blood is still a family tierP
Then hope is my saviorO

Ally Fred
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/16/2020


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