Why did I drown in this ocean of love?
why did everything become so complicated ?
why didn't I take precautions before setting myself on Fire? why did I have to say goodbye forever?
why is this frustration leading me to my grave ?
why didn't you listen to me before anyone else's ?
why did you show me your angelic face , turning away only to never look back .
what did I count the steps while you left me ?
right now I am standing on a cliff do you bother?
when will I be ok and fine?
Now my heart is breaking knowing you are not here with me.
why did you turn away?
Bae were our conception were wrong and the very concept of love being totally wrong..??
Hope you understand me
Now everytime I see through , you'd awalys wanted me to be your boo, like being in a partysuit or sunscreen lotion near the ocean,why did we promise of the forever never leaving each other, leaving only for the cautions !
I pray your dreams come true ,flying to the moon making a family leaving me waiting instead...Thanks...
Well, don't bother about me I am like this and forever will be ,a crazy fool, waiting to woo you in my dreams again....