I know you are beautiful
but that doesn't mean I'm mean
I am happy to your smile and I am surely I am not lying
it was the day we walked hand in hand across the streets The Strangers started to take a glance
there was so much fun to see you dance and me and just waiting for a Chance with you to have a dance.
I was crazy for you a way too much ,but you weren't that of a such.
I don't know why I met you here in fact I really want you with sincere.
I will do miss the days we laughed and cried together got to know each other more.
the day you thought I lied to you, both - remained in Silence staring at Each Other faces blank without goodbyes .
And now when you're leaving I have nothing left to say without showing - the sadness of your departure.
because it was over, couldn't say a real goodbye.
- you left me alone again....
and this time knowing I wouldn't be at your side the next sight ever....
I miss you all I can say....