Crossing Nation Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Under silver wingA
San Francisco's towers sproutingA
thru thin gas cloudsB
Tamalpais black breasted above Pacific azureC
Berkeley hills pine covered belowD
Dr Leary in his brown house scribing IndependenceE
typewriter at windowD
silver panorama in natural eyeballG
Sacramento valley rivercourse's ChineseH
dragonflames licking green flats north hazedD
State Capitol metallic rubble dry checkered fieldsI
to Sierras past Reno Pyramid Lake'sJ
blue Altar pure water in Nevada sands'J
brown wasteland scratched by tiresJ
Jerry Rubin arrested Beaten jailedD
coccyx brokenF
Leary out of action a public menaceJ
persons of tender years immatureK
judgement pyschiatric examinationF
i e Shut up or Else Loonybin or SlamL
Leroi on bum gun rapM
lawyer fees years' negotiationsJ
SPOCK GUILTY headlined temporary Joan Baez'J
paramour husband Dave Harris to GaolG
Dylan silent on politics safeN
having a baby a manO
Cleaver shot at jail'd maddened parole revokedD
Vietnam War flesh heap grows higherC
blood splashing down the mountains of bodiesJ
on to Cholon's sidewalksJ
Blond boys in airplane seats fed technicolorC
Murderers advance w Death chordsJ
Earplugs in steak on plasticP
served Eyes up to the ImageQ
What do I have to lose if America fallsJ
my body my neck my personalityD

Allen Ginsberg


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