As we came down the old boreen,
Rose and I - Rose and I,
At vesper time on Sunday e-en,
We heard a banshee cry!
Beyond the churchyard dim and dark,
-Neath whispering elms, and yew-trees stark,
Where our star shone-a corpse-like spark-
Against the wintry sky.

We heard and shuddered sick with dread,
Rose and I- Rose and I,
As the shrill keening rang o-erhead
Where cloud-wrack floated high.
Our two young hearts long, sorely tried,
By poverty and love denied
Still waiting for some favouring tide,
And now! Death come so nigh.

-Which of us two is called away
You or I-You or I?�
I heard my patient poor love say,
With bitter plaintive sigh.
-Neither, dear girl,� I bravely said,
-To Mary Mother bow your head,
And cry for help to Her instead,
Nor heed the Banshee-s cry-.

We raised our hearts in fervent prayer,
Rose and I-Rose and I,
Nor knew our troubles ended there,
Our happiness came nigh.
For -twas the grim old farmer, he-
My only kin, rich, miserly,
Who, dying left his wealth to me-
For whom the banshee cried.