Passerby Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I sit at the corner side of the streetA
looking for a giver to give me what to eatA
with hope and expectations I stretch my tinB
waiting to hear someone feetA
or get nothing to eatA
though you are not attracted to meC
Nor notice wishes in my faceD
or listen to the beat of my heartE
you saw the disabled part of meC
not the able person in meC
I see your beauty through your voiceF
even if I live in a darker worldG
I could still tell your presenceH
by the aromatic smell of your skinB
or by the sweet sound of your laughterI
I asked for my daily breadJ
not feelings to fall in vainK
or imagination which can't be madeL
nor wishes which can't be createM
but pain nailed questions to my heartE
who should we blameN
my everyday questionO
the sweet giverI
or meC
the corner sitterI

Afe Tosin Shola
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/23/2020

Poet's note: this is a narrative poem, a story of a blind bagger falling in love with a young woman who give him money everyday.


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