It all have to be a lie…someone please move me out of here.
Nobody could hear my voice, nobody knows who I was, but I could remember was……..I felt the cold hand of him..It went down through my veins and in my body, stopping my mind, body and soul. Moving from my point of start to my feet down gushing the flow from my head
I think I feel my body down, I cannot move my body again.ooh no am cold. Yes am down ….I felt it no more .my heart stop from its duty .my eyes all seeing white .Am seeing myself without a mirror …oh no help me ,I think am going out of my body… It’s all gone, dark and cold .i feel no more ,hear no more but I see more than you can see now, am moving more than you think…
Why are you all crying out here? Looking at me with sad face? This is me here…am here beside you now…cry no more .Why are you not all seeing me ? Why can’t you all feel me when am touching you? Wahoo seeing myself in a wooden structure almost covered. Please help me. Why are you guys dropping me down 6 feet in earth, am going be there all alone in the dark..Come with me friends …
My journey so far makes me smile to myself but later sad when seeing you crying while looking at my new home..Am begging you stop pouring dust on me..It’s going to stain my cloth….oh sorry my wooden home..It going to be lonely down here, am scared..Will you please come and join my departing from you because all is going now.

Am alone here because am still a stranger in my new environment …….