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    ….And she held him so close to her arm crying pleading on her creature not to let go now.
    Her dreams had always been she having a part of her been so dear to her and always there when she is in need of helping the dreams seem fading away right in her present .…
    Her eyes gave up with this tears dropping from her left chest where the first love generated from she heard his cry, her joy could build up an empire that moment, and they all came up all smiling at her and giving welcome to motherhood….
    The cry made her have hope in this cold world, she knowing she has a right shoulder to lend on when its time of her creature making a demand for her back home….Tears of joy all in the shelter..
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    It all have to be a lie…someone please move me out of here.
    Nobody could hear my voice, nobody knows who I was, but I could remember was……..I felt the cold hand of him..It went down through my veins and in my body, stopping my mind, body and soul. Moving from my point of start to my feet down gushing the flow from my head
    I think I feel my body down, I cannot move my body again.ooh no am cold. Yes am down ….I felt it no more .my heart stop from its duty .my eyes all seeing white .Am seeing myself without a mirror …oh no help me ,I think am going out of my body… It’s all gone, dark and cold .i feel no more ,hear no more but I see more than you can see now, am moving more than you think…
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    The world might not know about what happened…the world might not know what we passed through….but the whole world will feel what we went through…
    It’s all was this rugged sunny day on my father’s land, with many of my brothers farming…..suddenly the white man came and forcefully took us into his white man’s culture on his moving captive vessel
    I was been locked down, because they were scared of my belief and root’s was sold to other high serpent, he made me work so much, hungry made me lose my fear..i fought with hope and belief thought the black storm….
    They decked my love breast and other parts of us forcing it as their own. We got our knowledge while pleading him for our freedom from the hardship...But heaven and my root makes it come to a place the white could not stop the existence of our father root..
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