When We Were Young;
And i guess that wasn't quite long,
Crying was an habit we all grew,
we talked to cats and we knew
How to jump at flying plane;
we go falling round, happy and insane
We go hide and seek, hide and seek
Good was every friday, it ended the week
At church we'd danced the choir's song,
Do you remember when we were young?
You remember when we were two?
dragging away our mommas' shoes
Checking out our fits in her dress,
We made much stains and sticky mess;
Talked much nonsense when we were wrong
one may say, it because we were young.
we turned to grow naughty bones,
Climbing trees and throwing stones
Boys comes building up house of ashes,
Girls goes cooking up pack of trashes.
Together we cut,shared our ice cold
we never worried about growing old,
we were too lazy to read our writings:
we had no good care for everything,
Victor knew,Mine was to play football,
I and Tobi always desired it--afterall
To be the best star we could be;
Flying our jersey like those in tv
but all our dreams faded away,
we traded them for another by the way.
Now ourselves have changed,
And things left behind look strange
we have lost the memories of events,
the real beauty of places we went
When we let our legs to kiss of the sea,
When we climbed the park sliding free;
they are what we talk now if we meet
Or cry hard about in our secret,
as we watch our old photos one by one
Because some of us feels we are now alone.