Into The Bigger Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Up here in the cold thin airA
I finally can breatheB
I know I left a life behindC
But I'm too relived to grieveD
Standing frozen in the life I've chosenE
Do what Fight meF
The past is right behind meF
Buried in the sandsG
I won't be silencedH
You can't keep me quietI
Won't tremble when you try itJ
All I know is that I won't go speechlessK
I can hear you but I won'tL
I can feel you but I won'tL
Some look for trouble but others don'tL
But you doM
There is a thousand reasonE
To go about my dayN
And ignore your whispersO
Which I wish would go awayN
You're not a voiceP
You're a just a ringing in my earQ
And if I heard you which I don'tL
I would be in painR
Everyone I've ever lovedS
Is here within the wallsT
I'm sorry but I'm blocking out your callsT
I've had my adventure I dont need something newM
I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow youM
What do you wantU
Cause you have been keeping me awakeV
What do you needW
Are you here to distract meF
So I make a big mistakeV
Or are you someone out thereA
Who is a little bit like meF
Who knows deep downX
I'm not where I'm meant to beF
Everyday is a little harderY
As I feel myself changeZ
Dont you know there is a part of meF
That longs to goA2
Back to the old wayN
To the unknownB2
Are you out thereA
Do you know meF
Can you feel meF
Can you show meF
Where are you goingC2
Don't leave me aloneB2
How do I follow youM
Into the better bigger lifeD2

Adanna Anita Annabel
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/12/2021


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