Just Yesterday Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It was just yesterdayA
I was laughing sleeping dreaming eating working and hopingB
Thinking talking skipping walking planning and controllingB
Trying floating boasting boarding louding and showingB
Flaunting shouting promising and lying that tomorrowC
I would do say decide abide play write go knowC
bend lend spend flow That yes tomorrow I would beD
Today is what I have Today is what is given So here am I lyingB
crying hearing reading sighing fearing swearing and sweatingB
Tearing peering holding folding slipping and slidingB
Nodding looking dodging spending washing cleaning cookingB
and drying Wiping hurrying standing stumbling falling and crawling Bawling screaming shouting reaching obeying yesE
but not dying Still fighting hoping coping kneeling prayingB
trusting saying thatF
Today I willG
Today I am fully awake praying lying sitting standing walking running flying and soaring because todayA
I am given the opportunityD
Today the chance the time the life To be exact patient thorough pure Forgiving caring loving helping building driving striving creating looking watching heavenwardD
Praying pleading obeying hoping saying promising smiling waiting and being all that I can and was meant to be todayD
It was just yesterdayD

Ace Mc Barnette
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 04/07/2020


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