Just Yesterday

It was just yesterday.
I was laughing, sleeping, dreaming, eating, working and hoping.
Thinking, talking, skipping, walking, planning and controlling.
Trying, floating, boasting, boarding, louding and showing.
Flaunting, shouting, promising and lying – that tomorrow
I would do, say, decide, abide, play, write, go, know
bend, lend, spend, flow. That yes, tomorrow I would be…..

Today is what I have. Today is what is given. So here am I lying,
crying, hearing, reading, sighing, fearing, swearing and sweating.
Tearing, peering, holding, folding, slipping and sliding.
Nodding, looking, dodging, spending, washing, cleaning, cooking,
and drying. Wiping, hurrying, standing, stumbling, falling and crawling. Bawling, screaming, shouting, reaching, obeying… yes
but, not dying. Still fighting, hoping, coping, kneeling, praying,
trusting, saying that……..
Today, I will
Today, I am fully awake, praying, lying, sitting, standing, walking, running, flying and soaring, because, today
I am given the opportunity.
Today the chance, the time, the life. To be exact, patient, thorough, pure. Forgiving, caring, loving, helping, building, driving, striving, creating, looking, watching, heavenward…
Praying, pleading, obeying, hoping, saying, promising, smiling, waiting and being all that I can and was meant to be today.
It was just yesterday.

Ace Mc Barnette
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