Troubled mind...troubled soul,
Forsaken I perceived life.

Storms to avalanches of sorrow,
Jabs in succession I took them.
Why me? I grovelled.

Refuge I saw not for the said light,off the tunnel
Expensive I perceived 'Hope' to be.

Gave in, gave up, taunted I am.
Faltered how bad to have surpassed all men?

Lo and behold,
Knocked and out I believed,
Mercy to my being was convinced has forgone me
Found I was, and to him I owe gratitude.

By him;sadness became fuel for the impending bliss days.
Bliss of trajectory to better days..... How swift tides have turned now.

How rich I sit now... Set I am for a lifetime.
For I am now with an adundant bank of fuel, Sadness.

Misery endured over years has ceased to be my paralysis,
Rather a fortress to great grandeurs.

Delightfully beaming with great fortune I sit.
Having survived the dark days....
The bright of my now delight is overwhelmingly blinding.

Hope it lasts, sustainable I have no doubt,
Fuel I have in mounts.....
Functioning I pray it stays.

I have leverage... I do dare say now;
Strides of the past I do bear with pride,
Strikes I take front-on for formidable runs.

Troubled not in gesture and state.
Forsaken I now find alien in wording.
Blessed | Blessed I am.

Abdullah Ahmed