God fearing woman..with an overflowing kernel of love.
The kind of love that needs not spoken of or to; but so toxic that the beam of her eyes on mine I get the message.

Love so pure that never will a man be inwant or ever in doubt.
The felt love.... The seek no assurance nor validation love.

Love that understands mutual understanding is essential as does the build to have it fortified and jealously nurtured.

I dare say:
The learned of a woman.... To whom understands to join in holy matrimony is to accept in totalitarian....

The flaws and the highs.
From the highs I yearn for an open school of thought.
From the flaws I can take just about anything for it is not lost in me that the build of the better shall be my/our forever task, until the end of days.

A conversationalist
To tango takes 2, so they say...
As is to today the understanding that to talk things out for a subtle amicable solution is to deny any plode...
Be it implode or explode.

We are to be co-parents and the foul or lack thereof of our kids shall be a reflection on our conduct and respect for one another.
I intend not to fail my/our kids.

I would hate to insult her with curtails of what to drape with nor what proper conduct is.....
I would want to have her with that niche of it inborn.
Effortlessly modest in being and radiance.

I can only be as best as my wife can elevate me......
Neither will I ever be superior than her on any levels but would be infuriated by the banner thought of having her cradle to a corner in thoughts of suppose inferiority over me.

I am yours | You are mine.
Together we are one determined pair for good or bad, health or sickness.
Your ails are mine to nurse and keep guard they never reoccur.

We are in this together.
I fail her... I have failed half my deen(faith).
How will I ever be able to answer to that when my book is read to me and quizzed off it on the day of reckoning.?!

Just be yourself as I am to these words.
By God, I am yours | You are mine

Abdullah Ahmed