A friend is someone
You turn to
A friend is someone
Who encourages you!
A friend is someone
Who stands by you!
A friend is someone
Who loves you!
A friend is someone
Who cares about you!
Friends correct you when you are wrong
Friends don’t keep grudges for too long
Together we are always strong
So, to my friend
I wish I had known you earlier
My life would have been prettier
But you light up the room when you walked in
Am thankful for the friend you’ve been
On the days that I was scared
You always know what to say
And take my fears away
And with your smile you brighten my day
Anytime I call
You are always there to answer my call
You pick me up when I fall
You put me up and make me tall
You are a blessing on the rise
An angel in disguise
So intelligent and wise
Am lucky to have found you
So beautiful and true
You’ve always been by me
And it meant so much to me
But how can I say
How grateful I am of you
I want you to know
You have my thanks
And my friendship
Till the end
Thank you for all you’ve done
You’ve really earned my trust