In a small rounded egg, she found herself powerless,
Her drive is encapsulated with unsurpassed eagerness.
She has treated the room as if she's madly in love with darkness,
And there, she slowly cropped up and became limitless.

In a larva, she was fed with guilt and world's judgment,
Her hunger for success, that's her sweetest resentment.
She ingested the pain and marked her morals high,
She swallowed and partake, ready to conquer, no alibi.

And she suddenly arise into chrysalis and gone through rapid changes,
Owned the transition and embraced clashing phases.
Forming her skin and shaping her gear,
Ready to unfurl her wings without a fear.

She has gone through a metamorphosis
As she built a life with different synopsis.
A life where the pattern is never dictated,
A cycle where she historically invaded.

Distracted world with aberrant transformation,
Yet she just closed her eyes and bend without hesitation.
With this, never in her life she will misidentify,
Because a woman who has gone through a metamorphosis has now turned into a beautiful butterfly.