The blue ball basks in your glory.
Armed with rage but gently placed away.
Million miles away, you sway the ocean deep.

The seasons inch closer.
The dark clouds calling the rains.
The beauty of the fields;
you command the essence of nature,
existing everywhere.

Mesmerised by your romance,
our bones yearn for your touch.
Intrigued by your charm,
vegetation seek for the skies.
You hypnotise the great nine,
they stand their ground just to catch a glimpse.

Place you an inch further,
and the great blue shivers in chills.
Place you an inch closer,
and the great blue wails in pain.

In you I see precision.
In you I see intelligence.
In you I see power.
In you I see love.
Your essence portrays the discernment of
a matchless Creator.
Your rage portrays his power.
Your distance illustrates his intelligence,
and your charm portrays his love.