From what portion of my mind do my thoughts come from?
If only I knew,
there would be many I'm sure.

Colors, each representing a person ,a part of me,
and my conscience.
But the most magnificent color,
the one that never leaves,

I wish I was enough of what I need to be to please you, God.
You're listening to thoughts and minds
and repenting isn't an option of mine.
So I don't know where to move on,
the next step?

Any step of mine would be a pit in a forest,
filled with viscous mud and dirt,
and it seeps and seeps into me,
my cries would be silent,
because I drew this upon myself.
I deserve misery,
I want misery,
but I also want love,
your love,
and everyone's.
I want forgiveness from you
and acceptance if I never change,
If I didn't,
Would you still love me God?