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I simply adore writing thoughts ...
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  • Lost In A Hurricane
    I've asked the stars for directions.
    That's how lost I am ,
    have been,
    always will be . ...
  • What Happens Then?
    I'll count stars ,and you'll tell me the constellations.
    But you don't know,
    how the stars are my love,
    and your constellations are... ...
  • Stares
    I like it when the sun burns my skin,
    when air brushes it,
    just not when your eyes do the same,
    you and they...
  • One Question
    From what portion of my mind do my thoughts come from?
    If only I knew,
    there would be many I'm sure.
  • His Scars, And My Thoughts
    Something sharp running across your blue veins,
    not your nails,
    not a mistake,
    just adrenaline, ...
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I Love You 4 Mind 4 Love 4 Never 3 Skin 2 Time 2 Away 2 Night 2 Dust 1 Great 1

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