To The Daisy (2) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


BRIGHT Flower whose home is everywhereA
Bold in maternal Nature's careA
And all the long year through the heirA
Of joy or sorrowB
Methinks that there abides in theeC
Some concord with humanityC
Given to no other flower I seeC
The forest thoroughB
Is it that Man is soon deprestC
A thoughtless Thing who once unblestC
Does little on his memory restC
Or on his reasonD
And Thou would'st teach him how to findC
A shelter under every windC
A hope for times that are unkindC
And every seasonD
Thou wander'st the wide world aboutC
Uncheck'd by pride or scrupulous doubtC
With friend to greet thee or withoutC
Yet pleased and willingE
Meek yielding to the occasion's callF
And all things suffering from allF
Thy function apostolicalF
In peace fulfillingE

William Wordsworth


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