The Village Of Tayport And Its Surroundings Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


All ye pleasure seekers where'er ye beA
I pray ye all be advised by meA
Go and visit Tayport on the banks o' the TayB
And there ye can spend a pleasant holidayB
The village and its surroundings are magnificent to be seenC
And the shops on the High Street are tidy and cleanC
And the goods I'm sure would please the QueenC
They cannot be surpassed in Edinburgh or AberdeenC
And the villagers' gardens are lovely to be seenC
There sweet flowers grow and gooseberries greenC
And the fragrant air will make you feel gayB
While viewing the scenery there on the banks of the TayB
Scotscraig is an ancient and a most charming spotD
And once seen by visitors will never be forgotD
'Twas there that Archbishop Sharp lived long agoE
And the flower garden there is a very grand showE
The flower beds there are very beautiful to seeA
They surpass the Baxter Park flower beds in DundeeA
And are all enclosed in a round ringF
And there the bee and the butterfly are often on the wingF
Scotscraig farm house is magnificent to seeA
With its beautiful rich fields of wheat and barleyA
And the farm house steading is certainly very fineG
And the scenery is charming in the summer timeH
The Serpentine Walk is a secluded spot in Scotscraig woodI
And to be walking there 'twould do one's heart goodI
There the lovers can enjoy themselves in its shady bowersJ
By telling tales of love to wile away the tedious hoursJ
There innocent rabbits do sport and playB
During the livelong summer dayB
Amongst the ivy and shrubberies greenC
And screened all day from the sun's sheenC
Then lovers of the picturesque off and awayB
To the village of Tayport on the banks o' the TayB
And ramble through Scotscraig woodI
It will I'm sure do your bodies goodI
And as ye walk along the Serpentine WalkK
With each other ye can have a social talkK
And ye will hear the birds singing awayB
Which will make your hearts feel light and gayB
And while walking underneath the branches of the treesL
Ye will hear the humming of the beesL
Therefore pleasure seekers make no delayB
But visit Scotscraig wood on a fine summer dayB
There visitors can be shaded from the sun in the summer timeH
While walking along the secluded SerpentineG
By the spreading branches of the big treesL
Or from the undergrowth ivy if they pleaseL
Do not forget to visit the old TowerM
Where Archbishop Sharp spent many an hourM
Viewing the beautiful scenery for miles awayB
Along the bonnie banks o' the silvery TayB

William Topaz Mcgonagall


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