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SteveKydd: Another homage to William Topaz McGonagall...

Iblogtoglasgow: Revisited Nobel Prize for Literature winning Bob Dylan this morning. I’m a big fan but some of his lyrics could have been penned by William Topaz McGonagall. ‘T’was a dark day in Dallas November sixty-threeee A day that would live on in infameee...’

DashaMironovo: An Ode to the Queen ❤️ by William Topaz Mcgonagall -

innaprecna: An Ode to the Queen ❤️ by William Topaz Mcgonagall -

will_nett: X-Factor finalist taking lyrical inspiration from William Topaz Mcgonagall is not something I would have foreseen, even in these bat-shit crazy times.

western1407: Your plays are read in family ciFcles with wonder and delight, While seated around the fireside on a cold winter's night.-William Topaz McGonagall DJLOONYO AOS ANNIVERSARY

anthony_mcgowan: In honour of the great William Topaz McGonagall.

pax_draconis: William Topaz McGonagall is Scotland's greatest poet and I will die on this hill. You don't see Burns using the word "buttresses" with such grace and eloquence, do you? No.

MatthewOates76: Tonight is Burns Night, so here's the tribute to that bard by Scotland's greatest poet, William Topaz McGonagall

philcowley2: A chicken is a noble beast The cow is much forlorner, standing in the pouring rain with a leg at every corner. William Topaz McGonagall

RUNMELOOP1: the William Topaz Mcgonagall of Logic & Reason

SueHLawrence: Hope you enjoy the Dundee book. William Topaz McGonagall does feature in it, however...

mancunianmedic: Talking of bad poetry Just wondering what "Poet and Tragedian" WIlliam Topaz McGonagall would have made of "The Great Coronavirus Disaster of 2020"

SmithTiddy: A famously bad poem that made me cry with laughter: "The Famous Tay Whale", by William Topaz McGonagall (1883) /1

WickedWalnut: Some of you make William Topaz McGonagall look like a great poet. That is all.

MikeFul55975362: William Topaz McGonagall ( 1825 - 1902 ) Irish weaver, poet and actor, who lived in Scotland.

mancunianmedic: William Topaz McGonagall would have had great fun writing about the events, people and places of 2020

Geowalks: * because personally I'm a fan of William Topaz McGonagall - of course for that wonderful middle name, but also because he wrote a complimentary ode to one of my ancestors.

JohnCooper633: Oh, whit a melancholy day When William Topaz McGonagall passed away Proud as a cockerel; known for his doggerel He was a hopeless poet - not afraid to show it

NotHayashi: Chris Bryant has singlehanded completely rehabilitated William Topaz McGonagall by making him only the second worst wordsmith of English

garydunion: Huge William Topaz McGonagall energy emanating from this.

whollybrogued: Post lockdown I am tempted to recreate William Topaz McGonagall’s vain trek from Dundee to Balmoral to bother Victoria, though I am disappointed to see he went by the Spittal of Glenshee by way of Alyth. I had presumed he had spent a night shivering miserably in the Lairig Ghru.

mattwimberley: 4/15 What happens when the witness to history, the poem and the poet, attempts to elegize and instead satirizes? Enter William Topaz McGonagall, a poet known in his lifetime as something closer to court jester than bard.

AlchemistAngus: Yes, if William Topaz McGonagall himself was still around he could scarcely have penned worse. V&A Dundee opened 15th September 2018.

mancunianmedic: Imagine what "Poet and Tragedian" William Topaz McGonagall would have made of the Coronavirus response?

FumiYamTrendOFC: Your plays are read in family ciFcles with wonder and delight, While seated around the fireside on a cold winter's night.-William Topaz McGonagall HOMECOMING REWIND YAMYAM

RoughlyDaily: On William Topaz McGonagall, the worst famous poet in the English language: "The Disaster Poet" (Plus- Goethe) Bathe in bathos:

rickit: "William Topaz McGonagall’s poetry was so bad that he was pelted with rotten eggs and fish and the authorities banned his performances in public." ok...I'm obsessed

gyoung9751: Understanding Bad Poetry: The Verse of William Topaz McGonagall - Joseph Salemi at Society of Classical Poets

WilliamMcGonag9: I should think a period of three minutes to be perfectly adequate, Madame Sarah. Yours truest, Sir William Topaz McGonagall, knight errant of the order of the Ivorie Elephant, Burma.

johnb78: The Croydon tram accident report reads bizarrely like a William Topaz Mcgonagall poem in places

Grouse_Beater: Apologies to the great Irishman William Topaz McGonagall O' SNP, yer dashin' ma hopes and dreams, Yer commitment is waverin', it surely seems. Folk scream and shout, "Get oan wi' it, ya fannys!" But awe ye think o' is heid bangin' trannies.

mackin_john: The spirit of William Topaz McGonagall is alive and well. "The chief criticisms are that he was deaf to poetic metaphor and unable to scan correctly. His only apparent understanding of poetry was his belief that it needed to rhyme."

danmcdaid: There should also be a statue of William Topaz McGonagall - a poet, a hero and a fool - down by the river.

mancunianmedic: As i said earlier on when everyone else was at work. Imagine what Dundee's famous "Poet and Tragedian" William Topaz McGonagall would have made of "The Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020" Given what he made of "The Tay Bridge Disaster" And other tragedies and slaughters

mancunianmedic: I am wondering what Dundees infamous "Poet and Tragedian" William Topaz McGonagall would have written about "The Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020" Given the treatment he gave to the Tay Bridge Disaster

TheTeddyBard: So beautifully expressed even William Topaz McGonagall been proud nearly as great a writer as old paddy was a poet-keep it up shagger (I note with a small s)

marcusinstroud: As a new form of entertainment I am currently booming William Topaz McGonagall poetry at darling daughter who is weeping in appreciation or begging me to stop. I'm not sure which.

psneeze: And there you have it. Pure shite from the one and only William Topaz McGonagall. You're very welcome.

DeborahMcDaid: Dundee history - we currently live in Mary Lily Walker’s house. She was a gifted scholar, an advocate for workers’ rights and campaigner for Dundee’s poor. Meanwhile, poet William Topaz McGonagall lived round the corner on Step Row.

KatyavdGK: Every time I read something about that ridiculous bridge, I think that we are truly not ready for another William Topaz McGonagall!

Mirandaprorsus: So was William Topaz McGonagall, but at least he was funny.

MarcAbrahams: Should not this be recited at every Burns Night celebration? William Topaz McGonagall's "An Ode to the Immortal Bard of Ayr, Robert Burns"

fuller810: William Topaz McGonagall ( 1825 - 1902 ) Scottish weaver, poet, and actor.

Melisandreilidh: a hundred + forty years since the tay bridge disaster. forever immortalised in verse by dundee most famous son, william topaz mcgonagall

sarahduce: Any excuse for a bit of William Topaz McGonagall.....Beautiful railway bridge of the silv’ry Tay.

PapistPoet: 'A Tale Of Christmas Eve' by William Topaz McGonagall (1825 – 1902) 'Twas Christmastide in Germany, And in the year of 1850, And in the city of Berlin, which is most beautiful to the eye; A poor boy was heard calling out to passers-by.

thecourieruk: CHRISTMAS TALES: How might Dundee poet William Topaz McGonagall have viewed Christmas 2019?

magicalkingdomX: Edward D. Wood Jr. & William Topaz McGonagall: Probably soul mates separated by 2 generations. They inspire me because of their courage and their good sense of humor. Andy Kaufman: Like Ed Wood and William, but someone who achieved fame & then walked away from it to be dadaistic

TonyxBarbershop: DID YOU KNOW that worst-poet-ever William Topaz McGonagall wrote a Christmas poem?

Venomous9: I am the William Topaz McGonagall of trans poets

GaspardWinckler: That time William Topaz Mcgonagall worked in the BBC Radio press office

fuller810: William Topaz McGonagall ( 1825 - 1902 ) Scottish weaver, poet, and actor.

Webwight: Readers/writers pic of the day: May I present you to the World's Worst Poet, William Topaz McGonagall

WilliamMcGonag9: Quite right! Except for Sir William Topaz McGonagall’s “Poetic Gems”

ciderwithrosie: Eventually, my brain revolted: around age 23, I remembered that I wanted to write. But now I had no idea if I was any good: all opportunities for feedback or learning at school or university had passed. I might be the William Topaz Mcgonagall of fiction, for all I knew. /5

WilliamMcGonag9: Sir William Topaz McGonagall, Knight of the White Elephant, Burmah, as it were.

abharmstrong: If you read the poetry of William Topaz McGonagall and then listen to Trump, his phrasing and cadence sound somewhat similar.

mattwimberley: Y’all should google William topaz McGonagall

TradMusicForum: O Salmon Bothy on the beauteous Cromarty Firth We look forward to this supper which will be of great worth William Topaz McGonagall is sure to be wonderfully celebrated Let us hope that not too many of the company will be inebriated.

coolAngieWalton: Lads, at the theatre thingy I went to last night I was introduced to the Worlds Worst Poet. A gentleman by the name of William Topaz McGonagall. I've been reading some of them and wetting myself. Hilarious.

p3t3rmcd: Upon seeing some wild flowers across the road from the silvery river Tay. I thought occurred to me that if William Topaz McGonagall we’re sitting on this same bus, he’d have without a doubt have been moved enough to write a poem about them today.

weepom: On the way home on the ferry. Nice time for a snooze methinks then the William Topaz McGonagall of fiddlers starts up. Now in a snooze free zone. Oh that poor fiddle. Friggin' spiffin'.....

carl_thompson70: Beautiful railway bridge of the Silvery Tay!  That has caused the Emperor of Brazil to leave his home far away Incognito in his dress,  And view thee ere he passed along en route to Inverness William Topaz McGonagall (1825-1902) Reckoned to be the worst poet of his day

confusionrains: Some views of the beautiful Tay... on a lovely day...... thanks, William Topaz McGonagall...

MrAidanGoatley: “And with regard to New York and the sights I did see– Believe me, I never saw such sights in Dundee” - William Topaz McGonagall

AndrejNkv: Thought: Is there a modern day William Topaz McGonagall? Is there anyone who has developed a large following for being terrible at what they do, while being completely unaware how of terrible they are?

matthewcobb: TIL that the poet William McGonagall’s middle name was Topaz. Fabulous.

VADundee: "Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay! The longest of the present day That has ever crossed o’er a tidal river stream, Most gigantic to be seen, Near by Dundee and the Magdalen Green" - William Topaz McGonagall

MrAidanGoatley: “Whose name will be handed down to posterity without any stigma, Because, at the battle of El-Teb, he defeated Osman Digma.” - William Topaz McGonagall

MrAidanGoatley: “Leave the minstrel, thou pig-headed giant, or I’ll make you repent, For thou must know my name is Jack, and I hail from Kent.” - William Topaz McGonagall

MrAidanGoatley: “They left their wives that morning without any dread, Never thinking, at the burning pile, they would be killed dead” - William Topaz McGonagall

MrAidanGoatley: “Arabi’s army was about seventy thousand in all, And, virtually speaking, it wasn’t very small” - The Battle of Tel-el-Kebir - William Topaz McGonagall

BarnabyEdwards: Book No.42 for 2019. William Topaz (don't start) McGonagall is widely billed as the World's Worst Poet. On the strength of this - his first - collection of poems, it's hard to disagree with that judgement. These…

mikeogilvie67: The TRUE Bard,.... a Dundonian jenius..... I give you... William Topaz McGonagall and his inspiring ditty......, "O...

MatthewOates76: Never mind third degree Burns poetry, here's the greatest of them all: William Topaz McGonagall (and his brilliant,...

StuartJRitchie: At your Burns Supper tonight, please consider reading the beautiful, mellifluous words of William Topaz McGonagall:

itsdavegreen: Scottish poetry lovers: why is it always Burns Night, and never William Topaz McGonagall night? The high art and su...

Arslongawebsite: The deadline for entries has been extended. If you have a suggestion, add it to the tweet. There is one rule: they...

DrMichaelBonner: Reciting the poetry of William Topaz McGonagall: the worst poet of the English language (so far).

poetryenglish1: Beautiful Torquay

rhodria: Heard about William Topaz McGonagall on University Challenge and he is my new hero.

poetryenglish1: Beautiful Balmoral

MrAidanGoatley: Most August! Empress of India, and of great Britain the Queen, I most humbly beg your pardon, hoping you will not t...

MrAidanGoatley: "Black Beard derived his name from his long black beard, Which terrified America more than any comet that had ever...

icnorris: William Topaz McGonagall, the Dundee Bard

telescoper: A Christmas Carol, by William Topaz McGonagall

DormouseRoared: Alternative ending. Inspired by William Topaz McGonagall

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