Who is Francis William Lauderdale Adams

Francis William Lauderdale Adams (27 September 1862 – 4 September 1893) was an essayist, poet, dramatist, novelist and journalist who produced a large volume of work in his short life.

Early years

Adams was born in Malta the son of Andrew Leith Adams F. R. S., F. G. S., an army surgeon, who later became well known as a scientist, a fellow of the Royal Society, and an author of natural history books set in different parts of the British Empire. Francis's mother, Bertha Jane Grundy, became a well-known novelist. After his education at Shrewsbury School he served from 1879 as an attaché in Paris, and then took up a teaching position as an assistant master at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight for two years.

Adams joined the Social Democratic Federation, the firs...
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Francis William Lauderdale Adams Poems

  • Happy Valley." {66}
    There is a valley green that lies
    'Mid hills, the summer's bower.
    The many coloured butterflies
    Flutter from flower to flower. ...
  • The Fisherman. (mindanao, Philippines.)
    In the dark waveless sea,
    Deep blue under deep blue,
    The fisher drifts by on the tide
    In his small pole-balanced canoe. ...
  • In The Street. Lord - -
    You have done well, we say it. You are dead,
    And, of the man that with the right hand takes
    Less than the left hand gives, let it be said
    He has done something for our wretched sakes. ...
  • Elsie: A Memory
    Little elfin maid,
    Old, though scarce two years,
    With your big dark hazel eyes
    Tenderer than tears, ...
  • To The Artists
    You tell me these great lords have raised up Art:
    I say they have degraded it. Look you,
    When ever did they let the poet sing,
    The painter paint, the sculptor hew and cast, ...
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Musicrecbot: take a listen to: to an old friend in england by francis william lauderdale adams
Forevershaky: brotherhood of dogs founder, mrs r.s. de courcy laffan, novelist & author of "the story of the brotherhood of hero dogs" 1910, was born bertha jane grundy 1837 - 1912. her eldest son writer francis william lauderdale adams suffered from tb & took his own life in margate aged 30
Musicrecbot: take a listen to: analogy by francis william lauderdale adams
Elviravalkyrie: "love & death (poem/fragment)" -francis william lauderdale adams- "death? is it death you give? so be it! o death, thou hast been long my friend, and now thy pale. [...] come then, loose hands! our lover time is…
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