Beautiful Newport On The Braes O' The Silvery Tay Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Bonnie Mary the Maid o' the TayA
Come Let's go and have a holidayA
In Newport on the braes o' the silvery TayA
'Twill help to drive dull care awayA
The scenery there is most enchanting to be seenB
Especially the fine mansions with their shrubbery greenB
And the trees and ivy are beautiful to viewC
Growing in front of each stately home in the avenueC
There the little birds and beautiful butterfliesD
Are soaring heavenwards almost to the skiesD
And the busy bees are to be seen on the wingE
As from flower to flower they hummingly singE
As they gather honey all the dayA
From flowery gardens of Newport on the braes o' the TayA
And as we view the gardens our hearts will feel gayA
After being pent up in the workshop all the dayA
Then there's a beautiful spot near an old millF
Suitable for an artist to paint of great skillF
And the trees are arched o'erhead lovely to be seenB
Which screens ye from the sunshine's glittering sheenB
Therefore holiday makers I'd have ye resortG
To Newport on the braes o' the Tay for sportG
And inhale the pure air with its sweet perfumeH
Emanating from the flowery gardens of Newport and the yellow broomH
And when bright Sol sinks in the WestI
You'll return home at night quite refreshedJ
And dream in your beds of your rambles during the dayA
Along the bonnie braes o' the silvery TayA

William Topaz Mcgonagall


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