Willow Waly! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


HE PRITHEE pretty maiden prithee tell me trueA
Hey but I'm doleful willow willow walyB
Have you e'er a lover a dangling after youA
Hey willow waly OC
I would fain discoverD
If you have a loverD
Hey willow waly OC
SHE Gentle sir my heart is frolicsome and freeE
Hey but he's doleful willow willow walyB
Nobody I care for comes a courting meE
Hey willow waly OC
Nobody I care forF
Comes a courting thereforeF
Hey willow waly OC
HE Prithee pretty maiden will you marry meE
Hey but I'm hopeful willow willow walyB
I may say at once I'm a man of properteeG
Hey willow waly OC
Money I despise itG
But many people prize itG
Hey willow waly OC
SHE Gentle sir although to marry I designH
Hey but he's hopeful willow willow walyB
As yet I do not know you and so I must declineH
Hey willow waly OC
To other maidens go youA
As yet I do not know youA
Hey willow waly OC

William Schwenck Gilbert


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