Life Is Lovely All The Year Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When the buds are blossomingA
Smiling welcome to the springA
Lovers choose a wedding dayB
Life is love in merry MayB
Spring is green Fal lal laC
Summer's rose Fal lal laC
It is sad when Summer goesD
Fal laC
Autumn's gold Fal lal laC
Winter's grey Fal lal laC
Winter still is far awayB
Fal laC
Leaves in Autumn fade and fallE
Winter is the end of allE
Spring and summer teem with gleeF
Spring and summer then for meF
Fal laC
In the Spring time seed is sownG
In the Summer grass is mownG
In the Autumn you may reapH
Winter is the time for sleepH
Spring is hope Fal lal laC
Summer's joy Fal lal laC
Spring and Summer never cloyI
Fal laC
Autumn toil Fal lal laC
Winter rest Fal lal laC
Winter after all is bestJ
Fal laC
Spring and summer pleasure youK
Autumn ay and winter tooK
Every season has its cheerL
Life is lovely all the yearL
Fal laC

William Schwenck Gilbert


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