Eheu Fugaces -- ! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The air is charged with amatory numbersA
Soft madrigals and dreamy lovers' laysB
Peace peace old heart Why waken from its slumbersB
The aching memory of the old old daysB
Time was when Love and I were well acquaintedC
Time was when we walked ever hand in handD
A saintly youth with worldly thought untaintedC
None better loved than I in all the landD
Time was when maidens of the noblest stationE
Forsaking even military menF
Would gaze upon me rapt in adorationE
Ah me I was a fair young curate thenF
Had I a headache sighed the maids assembledG
Had I a cold welled forth the silent tearH
Did I look pale then half a parish trembledG
And when I coughed all thought the end was nearI
I had no care no jealous doubts hung o'er meJ
For I was loved beyond all other menF
Fled gilded dukes and belted earls before meJ
Ah me I was a pale young curate thenF

William Schwenck Gilbert


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