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washington_dre: either Mr. William Morris or Mr. Duncan Ross." "A Promo Voucher Iherb Coupon Code Vitamin Protein S ustration struck the

Totesi3: William Morris Vintage floral wildflowers - MagSafe Tough Cases - iPhone 13 and 14 - Pro, Pro max, Mini, Plus Cottage

_Tippanu: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris


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Garrick27U: William Morris Full-Color Patterns and Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive) XYFSZU8

deadinHalifax: William Soper was born in England. He lived on Morris St near Queens. He was superintendent at the gas works. He died of pneumonia in 1919 at age 73. Fairview Lawn.

WMCommonweal: 1890 poster advertising free lectures from William Morris, Henry Halliday Sparling, Annie Besant, and Sergius Stepniak. [From the IISH Socialist league archive]

DuilleDesign: Jacket and skirt of 'Marigold' fabric Des William Morris. Mary Quant. c.1967. Image: V&A.

Totesi3: William Morris Vintage Botanical - "Four Fruits" 1862 - iPhone MagSafe tough case - 13 and 14 Pro Max Plus Mini

NickySilv: I miss my days as a reader for William Morris. Would just roll to the office, pick up the scripts in my box, maybe an extra two from the All pile for the weekend, and head to the beach.

BeddingGarden: Pottery Barn William Morris Golden Lily Queen Duvet Cover & 2 Shams ~Seafoam~

JmLoNgZ: for their support. But it was not, unless their comfort Iherb Coupon Code Discount Promocode Supplment Reward S name was William Morris.

_Tippanu: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

virtuelle_belle: oh, to be two birds squawking with wonderment at a flower together from Strawberry Thief by William Morris

Niallhhgfhgv: Harvey Morris Alfred William

culturaltutor: William Morris, concerned by the Industrial Revolution's growing oppression of labourers, said this about Gothic art. It's hard not to see creative joy and autonomy in Medieval gargoyles; such was the positive working environment Morris wanted to recreate in Victorian Britain.

TheMagpiesRest: Check out Set 6 vintage Pimpernel rectangular william morris style cork backed placemats

BrownsAlchemy: i like going to mockdraftable and finding a good comp within a second. mike morris to william gholston is a good one

BordersFreegle: OFFER: William Morris oilcloth (Lauder TD2)

patchedmet: Landscape by William Morris Hunt, but in which executing foreign prisoners no longer give you tyranny, but gives you an opinion malus with everyone in their country instead.

HB: Add a touch of heritage charm with the William Morris at Home collection from Marks & Spencer

wiegand24vtz: William Morris: Rose (Foiled Journal) (Flame Tree Notebooks) YDDYHEE

Kobe47U: Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland 0QKCTAP

BirchwoodPrim: Sycamore 5 enjoyed creating some block printing artwork inspired by the artist William Morris.

_Tippanu: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

HalleyYear1: Wall paper art in the style of William Morris. Amazing printing skills Year 1!

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GFurniture4sale: Victorian Prayer Chair with William Morris style fabric in GC

virtuelle_belle: Close-up of Strawberry Thief by William Morris (designed 1883) Morris was inspired by watching birds steal strawberries from his kitchen garden

FJORD_Crafts: Round Tufted Floor Pillow with William Morris Print, Art Nouveau Home Decor, Floral Floor Pillow by FJORDCrafts: 60.99 USD This round floor pillow with the blue William Morris print can bring even more elegance and style to your home or can be a perfect…


PatrickTimmons1: William Saliba: ‘I’m always grateful to God to play for this club’.

grumpy_bear_re: Nevada Preps Girls Athlete of the Week: Green Valley’s Avari Morris. Green Valley senior pitcher Avari Morris earned two wins on the mound last week for the Gators to be named Nevada Preps Girls Athlete of the Week.

RyanSilver1: Matt Pennie agent at William Morris Endeavor under superstar agent Bret Just is a future superstar himself. Great demeanor, extremely connected, hard working and loyal. Loved by all…


NAdamsqui: 3 William Morris lampshades strawberry thief fabric in navy blue for wall sconce or chandelier 4 3 x 5 1 ins G82BDGE

johnson91fozfb: Vintage Curtains William Morris The Peacock and The Dragon Original Design Blackout Curtains Suitable for Kitchen Living Room YU8SJ9U

DuilleDesign: The Green Dining Room interior V&A Museum. William Morris. 1866.

_Tippanu: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

GFurniture4sale: 2 Vintage Cane Back Chairs William Morris Honeysuckle Fabric Conservatory Garden

24_7_TNMRadio: Talya Elitzer Details Her Journey From William Morris Endeavor’s Mailroom To Co-Founder of Godmode

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FeelLikeDrew: The NBA needs to give her a chance no way she’s worse than Marcus Morris

WIArtsBoard: “I do not want art for a few, any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.” – William Morris

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NataniaBarron: Some context on the Palomydes poem over this way...

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NYPLpostcards: The Flight of Night, William Morris Hunt, 1905

Antiquebasket: William Morris Brer Rabbit Clutch Bag, Floral Wristlet, Floral Zipper Camera Bag Pouch, Smart Phone Bag

_Tippanu: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

UHallaghan90813: Every body on old hwy 11 and main hwy 11 in Gray Ga and Morris Rd is the cow animal grown children except Teresa and that's my child with William Silversmen Jr

NjiruAdv: BREAKING NEWS Olaf Scholz the Germany leader has sent William Samoei Ruto back! Refused to hold bilateral talks because of situation back home. Adviced him to sort the mess back home

RyanHaecker: Yesterday was the 189th birthday of William Morris

SerenitySpaGift: Floral Art Nouveau Print - William Morris - Bohemian Print Large Artwork - Green by DesignBohemian

RyanHaecker: In the future, therefore, our style of architecture must be Gothic Architecture. - William Morris

EveryMorris: Chronological Order, Pattern 108: "Little Scroll" or "Scroll" or "Willow", c. 1895 Printed textile Adapted from William Morris, likely by J.H. Dearle. Image: V&A

NataniaBarron: Do you need a poetry break? I bet you do. Fun fact, William Morris was a bit Arthuriana nut (and a fantasy writer!). I stumbled upon the poem "Palomydes' Quest" and did a little recording for you.

kitazawa_books: Associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris, and the Kelmscott Press, Doves produced many important editions during its seventeen years of operation. ⁡ Famously, following a dispute between founders Cobden-Sanders and Walker over the rights to the Doves Type,...

UthmanFuntua: "History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created." — William Morris

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IdyllicCottages: William Morris (1834-96) described Bibury as "the most beautiful village in England". Book your visit to the Cotswolds and discover some of the most picturesque villages in the England.

Damion23K: Strawberry Thief by William Morris by Lavieclaire on Synthetic Duvet Covers 0APXKVO

SilentLoco: William Morris WME Pre Oscar Party 3.10.23

Humblejoe1208: "No man is good enough to be another's master." - William Morris

P_J_Richards: ✨Art by William Morris & John Henry Dearle✨

Totesi3: Brown Vintage Floral William Morris Style - iPhone Models 11, 12, 13, 14, Mini, Pro And 14 Pro Max Tough Case - Rubber Liner - Hard Shell

Platinumllamas: Forgot about how much i love William morris shit and the arts and craft movement

johnsimkin: In 1887 Rachel McMillan was converted to socialism by reading Peter Kropotkin and William Morris.


HWarlow: Hello again. May Morris was of course William Morris’s Daughter. She was a fabulous seamstress and today rather undervalued. This is ‘’Spring and Summer Victorian Tile

GBClarkson: Pomona I am the ancient Apple-Queen, As once I was so am I now. For evermore a hope unseen, Betwixt the blossom and the bough. Ah, where’s the river’s hidden Gold! And where the windy grave of Troy? Yet come I as I came of old, From out the heart of Summer’s joy. William Morris

MPSWoodStreet: Warrant executed by St James and Upper Walthamstow SNT to investigate the offence of Handling stolen goods. A number of stolen mobile phones and cash believed to be obtained from criminal activities was found and seized. Assisted by High Street and William Morris SNT.

HWarlow: Three tiles I had in my stock to post and a piece of William Morris Golden Lily . So familiar to me as every house I’ve lived in had soft furnishings in this design.. the tiles are Art Nouveau except the blue and white which I think is Helen of Troy. Launched the ships earlier !

fotibenlisoy: ‘The leading passion in my life has been and is hatred of modern civilization.’ As his characteristically bold assertion suggests, William Morris cast a sceptical eye on his era’s triumphant claims to social and technological progress

patrusZ: …Victoria and Albert Museum's Album of Portraits of Mrs. William Morris (Jane Burden). Posed by Rossetti, 1865 .

patrusZ: All images are from the book : Album of Portraits of Mrs. William Morris (Jane Burden) Posed by Rossetti, 1865. Composed by Gordon Bottomly in 1933 source of images V&A Museum (

PreRaphSoc: Happy Birthday William Morris! To celebrate are three of his incredible sketches for stained glass windows. A true polymath, he was a poet, philosopher, designer of everything for the home, conservationist, artist and socialist activist among his many other passions.

WinterOakPress: Organic radical inspiration William Morris was born 189 years ago today. He warned that modern society had “grown so corrupt, so steeped in hypocrisy and lies, that one turns from one stratum of it to another with helpless loathing”.

cdjplus: In our latest Classic Texts Essay, Rosie Meade examines "How I became a socialist" by William Morris, presenting a critical re-evaluation of Morris' life and work, and contextualising Morris' understandings of the past, present and future

PreRaphSoc: May learned the art of embroidery from her mother, Jane Burden, and textile design from her father, William Morris. She was sister to Jenny Morris and life partner of Mary Lobb, with whom she loved and lived for many years. …

WMCommonweal: May Morris, Socialist League member and later founder of the Women's Guild of Arts, was born on this day, March 25, in 1862. May was the younger daughter of William Morris, and the editor of the 24 volume Collected Works of William Morris

DuilleDesign: Cushion Cover, Rose Wreath. William Morris. c.1875. Image: Cooper Hewitt.

MnWthtQualities: Happy Birthday, William Morris (b. 1834). This is from Signs of Change, which I have only briefly scrolled through.

pj_at_sc: 3 Collectible Candy Sweets Tins Meister Octagon Round Metal Tins Candy Perfect for Storage Floral William Morris Inspired Purple Red White

MbMemomb: Humble Morris William

Giu_Alonso_: william morris, my beloved

marysia_cc: Pomona Tapestry 1884 figure by Edward Burne-Jones background by William Morris

tribunemagazine: On William Morris' birthday, we republish his lecture on the decorative arts – in which he laid out his vision of art created by and for the people, and the post-capitalist world that would make it possible.

RadicalPosters: William Morris birthday

MorrisSocietyUS: Happy Birthday, William Morris!

radicaldaily: Mar 24 1834 - Birth of William Morris. British artist, designer & socialist activist who founded the Socialist League in 1884. His writings included "News from Nowhere" about a future Commonwealth and much journalism in socialist newspapers.

bukifatona: La Belle Iseult, 1858, is the only completed easel painting by William Morris (born OTD). A portrait of Jane Burden—whom Morris marries a year later in 1859–in a beautifully detailed medieval dress. Zoom in on the curled up greyhound in the unmade bed…

nationaltrust: Happy birthday William Morris. The pioneer of the Arts and Crafts movement is famously quoted as saying: 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful'. Do you agree? Photos: Red House, London

littlefabshop: William Morris Winter Garde...

EchoMachineOne: "Nothing should be made by man's labour which is not worth making, or which must be made by labour degrading to the makers." - William Morris, Artist and Socialist, born on this day in 1834

WmMorrisSocUK: Happy Birthday William Morris! Born 24 March 1834 in Walthamstow, London, Morris was the third of nine children to parents Emma and William Morris Sn. Morris was crucial in raising the status of crafts to fine art and was led by his desire to make the world a more beautiful place

MarxLibrary: Happy birthday William Morris! Morris is a big figure in the history of our building, vouching for 20th century press which printed some of his writing. Today a banner by the Morris family is still on display in the library

kmflett: William Morris was born on this day in 1834. A great socialist & a great beard wearer. The two are sometimes connected.

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