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God 25 Light 23 Life 20 Soul 19 Earth 19 I Love You 17 Love 17 Sky 15 Spirit 15 Heaven 14

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  • Lwos_nyjets: a would have been sack taken by james morgan in a real game turns into a lob completion to montgomery to end a miserable third down drill period
  • Doc_nad: with an original illustration by "monty flagg." the beautiful one's copy of roses and buckshot by james montgomery flagg
  • Bogeyilsa: august 5 1953 from here to eternity opens. dir. fred zinnerman. bowdlerised but compelling adapt. of james jones' epic melodrama charting life & loves of military personnel stationed at pearl harbour prior to jap. attack. with burt lancaster, montgomery clift & frank sinatra.
  • Bbttychmbrs: for the sake of black people’s health, we’re mandating coronavirus vaccines for all our medical students opinion by wayne a.i. frederick, valerie montgomery rice, david m. carlisle and james e.k. hildreth
  • Fioraiuv: james montgomery hate page
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John Milton Poem
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In this Monody the author bewails a learned Friend, unfortunately
drowned in his passage from Chester on the Irish Seas, 1637;
and, by occasion, foretells the ruin of our corrupted Clergy,
then in their height.

Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more,
Ye myrtles brown, with ivy never sere,

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