ii love you but ii hate you for ii do
not know where ii stand with you.
is it true I'm in love or love is in me
do you love me??...coz I'm doubting.

you've never done anything wrong
but for some reason mii gut feeling
has lost faith in you and ii.

ii don't know if all this waiting is for
you or for the day when ii will be able
to muster enough courage to move
on from you.

for a while now I've wondered if maybe
what we feel has little to do with love
and more to do with friendship.

maybe we are confusing the difference
between being in love and being in need.
not knowing if we need a lover or a friend.

ii don't know what I'm feeling, nor
what you think of me. ii don't know
what all this means. but ii do know
that when I'm with you 'I'm happy',
and ii guess that's all that matters