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William Gilmore Simms (April 17, 1806 – June 11, 1870) was an American writer and politician from the American South. Literary scholars consider him a major force in antebellum Southern literature; in 1845 Edgar Allan Poe pronounced him the best novelist America had ever produced, and he also published poetry and nonfiction, as well as edited several journals. Simms strongly supported slavery; in response to Uncle Tom's Cabin he wrote both negative reviews and a pro-slavery novel. He also served in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1844–1846.

Early and family life Simms was born on April 17, 1806, in Charleston, South Carolina, of Scots-Irish ancestors. His mother, Harriet Ann Augusta (née Singleton, 1784-1808) died during his infancy; h...
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William Gilmore Simms Poems

  • The Swamp Fox
    WE follow where the Swamp Fox guides,
    His friends and merry men are we;
    And when the troop of Tarleton rides,
    We burrow in the cypress tree. ...
  • Sumter In Ruins
    Ye batter down the lion's den,
    But yet the lordly beast g'oes free;
    And ye shall hear his roar again, ...
  • The Bard
    Where dwells the spirit of the Bard--what sky
    Persuades his daring wing,--
    Folded in soft carnation, or in snow
    Still sleeping, far o'er summits of the cloud, ...
  • Song In March
    NOW are the winds about us in their glee,
    Tossing the slender tree;
    Whirling the sands about his furious car,
    March cometh from afar; ...
  • The Lost Pleiad
    NOT in the sky,
    Where it was seen
    So long in eminence of light serene,â??
    Nor on the white tops of the glistering wave, ...
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  • Confettivids: william gilmore simms - the dread of criticism
  • Aovmz: “the only true source of politeness is consideration.” ― william gilmore simms.
  • Manuelpalachuk: the dread of criticism is the death of genius. - william gilmore simms
  • Literaryrob: on the death of the mother of william glimore simms, january 29, 1808, how it impacted his childhood, and how it shaped him as a writer --
  • Edinburghup: "william gilmore simms and the influence of burns in the 19th century american south" - read more from the burns chronicle free sampler issue!
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