Who is Ho Xuan Huong

Hồ Xuân Hương Hồ Xuân Hương (胡春香; 1772–1822) was a Vietnamese poet born at the end of the Lê dynasty. She grew up in an era of political and social turmoil – the time of the Tây Sơn rebellion and a three-decade civil war that led to Nguyễn Ánh seizing power as Emperor Gia Long and starting the Nguyễn dynasty. She wrote poetry using chữ nôm (Southern Script), which adapts Chinese characters for writing demotic Vietnamese. She is considered to be one of Vietnam's grea...
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Ho Xuan Huong Poems

  • Snail
    Mother and father gave birth to a snail
    Night and day I crawl in smelly weeds
    Dear prince, if you love me, unfasten my door
    Stop, don't poke your finger up my tail!...
  • Day And Night
    Peekaboo we used to play;
    my hands covered my face,
    your hands covered your face,
    incredible, there we were gone. ...
  • The Fan
    Are you seventeen or eighteen?(1)
    Let me cherish you by all means.
    Thin or thick you display a triangle, and
    Large or small I hold you with one hand. ...
  • The Temple Of Fragrance
    Who could have fashioned this marvel?
    The mountain cracks into a wide, hollow cave.
    Pious Buddhists struggle to set foot inside,
    others gaze at it tirelessly. ...
  • On Sharing A Husband
    Screw the fate that makes you share a man.
    One cuddles under cotton blankets; the other's cold.

    Every now and then, well, maybe or maybe not, ...
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Comments about Ho Xuan Huong

  • Aliettedb: reading some hồ xuân hương poetry. definitely not the kind of mindship names i was looking for (she wrote some pretty explicit poems hahahah)
  • Vinlove: revealing the experience of pedaling duck ho xuan huong for those who experience it for the first time 
  • Netnam1604: flc sam son beach & golf resort location: ho xuan huong street, sam son town, thanh hoa province area: 300 ha trinh van quyet's resort - chairman of flc group, was once the richest dollar billionaire in vietnam, recently he was arrested by the ministry of…
  • Birdysuzy: the jackfruit by ho xuan huong i am like a jackfruit on the tree. to taste you must plug me quick, while fresh: the skin rough, the pulp thick, yes, but oh, i warn you against touching -- the rich juice will gush and stain your hands
  • Adlaimkf: da lat is famous as a city of lakes and waterfalls with about 16 large and small lakes, of which the most famous is ho xuan huong located in the city center.
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