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  • Dirge
    Cauld, cauld she lies where snaws are deep
    And bitter blaws the muirland win',
    And over her grave the icy stars
    Are keepin' watch abune. ...
  • Primroses
    They shine upon my table there,
    A constellation mimic sweet,
    No stars in Heaven could shine more fair,
    Nor Earth has beauty more complete; ...
  • The War Of The Ghosts
    Three Ghosts that haunt me have I,
    Three Ghosts in my soul that fight,
    Three grandsire Ghosts in my soul,
    That haunt me by day and by night. ...
  • Storm
    I love not when the oily seas
    Heave huge and slow beneath the sun,
    When decks are hot, and dead the breeze,
    And wits are dropping one by one. ...
  • The Singer
    Nay! sing no more thy wild delusive strain
    (I heard them say, while I my song pursued),
    'Tis but the rage of thy delirious brain
    (I heard them say, yet still my song renewed): ...
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  • Keith_rosson: there's a new (posthumous) william gay novel coming out? called fugitives of the heart? has anyone else heard of this?
  • Senorfox4real: that william gay celebration will forever be goated because they can only flag you once for the penalty so you might as well have gone all out with it before they changed the rules
  • Czarbledchateau: / if you wrote hypnos it should be played by a gay male. can we change holly to william? / haha, but i worked really hard at making an authentic female. / is obama in jail or not? / i doubt it. / gay culture needs a masterpiece. / they’ll be gay demons in the next one.
  • Hyunaingz: oh to be the owner of the william finn troubled gay protagonist maroon sweater one day
  • Thelimecrime: reading a recent diary entry abt me gay thirsting for william beckett and oh my god . you don't get this in ya novels
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