William Cosmo Monkhouse Heart Poems

  • 1.
    Part I.

    A couple old sat o'er the fire,
    And they were bent and gray;
  • 2.
    WHO calls me bold because I won my love,
    And did not pine,
    And waste my life with secret pain, but strove
    To make him mine?
  • 3.
    TO the Wake of Oâ??Hara
    Came company;
    All St. Patrickâ??s Alley
    Was there to see,
  • 4.
    THERE is a singing in the summer air,
    The blue and brown moths flutter oâ??er the grass,
    The stubble bird is creaking in the wheat,
    And perchâ??d upon the honeysuckle-hedge
  • 5.
    I would not wish thee other than thou art;
    I love thee, love, so well in every part,
    That had I power to change thee
    In form or face or mind,
  • 6.
    SHE passes in her beauty bright
    Amongst the mean, amongst the gay,
    And all are brighter for the sight,
    And bless her as she goes her way.
  • 7.
    NOW, sitting by her side, worn out with weeping,
    Behold, I fell to sleep, and had a vision,
    Wherein I heard a wondrous Voice intoning:

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