William Cosmo Monkhouse Deep Poems

  • 1.
    Part I.

    A couple old sat o'er the fire,
    And they were bent and gray;
  • 2.
    WHO remains in London,
    In the streets with me,
    Now that Spring is blowing
    Warm winds from the sea;
  • 3.
    HOW many colors here do we see set,
    Like rings upon Godâ??s finger? Some say three,
    Some four, some six, some seven. All agree
    To left of red, to right of violet,
  • 4.
    HOW slowly creeps the hand of Time
    On the old clockâ??s green-mantled face!
    Yea, slowly as those ivies climb,
    The hours roll round with patient pace;
  • 5.
    THERE is a singing in the summer air,
    The blue and brown moths flutter oâ??er the grass,
    The stubble bird is creaking in the wheat,
    And perchâ??d upon the honeysuckle-hedge
  • 6.
    I HAVE two sons, wifeâ??
    Two, and yet the same;
    One his wild way runs, wife,
    Bringing us to shame.
  • 7.
    â??T WAS the body of Judas Iscariot
    Lay in the Field of Blood;
    â??T was the soul of Judas Iscariot
    Beside the body stood.
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