Uncle Sammy. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Some men were born for great thingsA
Some were born for smallB
Some it is not recordedC
Why they were born at allB
But Uncle Sammy was certain he had a legitimate callB
Some were born with a talentD
Some with scrip and landE
Some with a spoon of silverF
And some with a different brandE
But Uncle Sammy came holding an argument in each handE
Arguments sprouted within himG
And twinked in his little eyeH
He lay and calmly debatedI
When average babies cryH
And seemed to be pondering gravely whether to live or to dieH
But prejudiced on that questionJ
He grew from day to dayK
And finally he concludedC
'Twas better for him to stayK
And so into life's discussion he reasoned and reasoned his wayK
Through childhood through youth into manhoodL
Argued and argued heM
And he married a simple maidenJ
Though scarcely in love was sheM
But he reasoned the matter so clearly she hardly could help but agreeM
And though at first she was bloomingN
And the new firm started strongO
And though Uncle Sammy loved herF
And tried to help her alongO
She faded away in silence and 'twas evident something was wrongO
Now Uncle Sammy was faithfulP
And various remedies triedQ
He gave her the doctor's prescriptionsR
And plenty of logic besideQ
But logic and medicine failed him and so one day she diedQ
He laid her away in the church yardS
So haggard and crushed and wanT
And reared her a costly tombstoneU
With all of her virtues onT
And ought to have added A victim to arguments pro and conT
For many a year Uncle SammyM
Fired away at his logical forteK
Discussion was his occupationJ
And altercation his sportV
He argued himself out of churches he argued himself into courtV
But alas for his peace and quietW
One day when he went it blindX
And followed his singular fancyM
And slighted his logical mindX
And married a ponderous widow that wasn't of the arguing kindX
Her sentiments all were settledY
Her habits were planted and grownU
Her heart was a starved little creatureF
That followed a will of her ownU
And she raised a high hand with Sammy and proceeded to play it aloneU
Then Sammy he charged down upon herF
With all of his strength and his witZ
And many a dextrous encounterF
And many a fair shoulder hitZ
But vain were his blows and his blowing he never could budge her a bitZ
He laid down his premises round herF
He scraped at her with his sawsA2
He rained great facts upon herF
And read her the marriage lawsA2
But the harder he tried to convince her the harder and harder she wasB2
She brought home all her preachersC2
As many as ever she couldL
With sentiments terribly settledY
And appetites horribly goodL
Who sat with him long at his table and explained to him where he stoodL
And Sammy was not long in learningN
To follow the swing of her gownD2
And came to be faithful in watchingN
The phase of her smile and her frownD2
And she with the heel of assertion soon tramped all his arguments downD2
And so with his life aspirationsR
Thus suddenly brought to a checkE2
And so with the foot of his victorF
Unceasingly pressing his neckE2
He wrote on his face I'm a victim and drifted a logical wreckE2
And farmers whom he had arguedF2
To corners tight and fastG2
Would wink at each other and chuckleP
And grin at him as he passedG2
As to say My ambitious old fellow your whiffletree's straightened atH2
Old Uncle Sammy one morningN
Lay down on his comfortless bedI2
And Death and he had a discussionJ
And Death came out aheadI2
And the fact that SHE failed to start him was only because he was deadI2
The neighbors laid out their old neighborF
With homely but tenderest artJ2
And some of the oldest ones falteredK2
And tearfully stood apartJ2
For the crusty old man had often unguardedly shown them his heartJ2
But on his face an expressionJ
Of quizzical study layK
As if he were sounding the angelP
Who traveled with him that dayK
And laying the pipes down slyly for an argument on the wayK
And one new fashioned old ladyM
Felt called upon to suggestL2
That the angel might take Uncle SammyM
And give him a good night's restL2
And then introduce him to Solomon and tell him to do his bestL2

Will Carleton


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