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Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book Poetry Authors: Wilfred Owen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: 2018-05-22
A collection of poetry by Wilfred Owen, the beloved British poet whose work focused on the First World War. The poems include: The Sentry, The Chances, Anthem for Doomed Youth, Apologia Pro Poemate Meo, Wild with All Regrets (Another Version of A Terre.), The End, Dulce Et Decorum Est, Insensibility, Conscious, Strange Meeting, Strange Meeting Another Version, Arms and the Boy, The Dead-Beat, S. I. W., The Show, Futility, Disabled, Greater Love, A Terre (Being the Philosophy of Many Soldiers.), The Send-Off, Mental Cases, Parable of the Old Men and the Young, Exposure, Spring Offensive, and Smile, Smile, Smile.

Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book Anthem For Doomed Youth Authors: Wilfred Owen
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2015-02-26
Categories: Poetry
'Tonight he noticed how the women's eyes Passed from him to the strong men that were whole.' The true horror of the trenches is brought to life in this selection of poetry from the front line. Introducing Little Black Classics: 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday. Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries. They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th-century California and the Russian steppe. Here are stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions. Wilfred Owen (1893-1918). Owen is available in Penguin Classics in Three Poets of the First World War: Ivor Gurney, Isaac Rosenberg, Wilfred Owen.

Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book Poets of the Great War Authors: Wilfred Owen
Publisher: Poets of the Great War
Published Date: 2014
Categories: Poets, English
No poetry has touched readers' hearts more deeply than the soldier poets of the First World War. Published to commemorate the centenary of 1914, this stunning set of books, with specially commissioned covers by leading print makers, is an essential gathering of our most beloved war poets introduced by leading poets and biographers of our present day. Dying at twenty-five, a week before the end of the First World War, Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) has come to represent a generation of young men sacrificed - as it seems to the next generation, one in unprecedented rebellion against its fathers - by guilty old men: generals, politicians, profiteers. Owen has now taken his place in literary history as perhaps the first, certainly the quintessential, war poet.

Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book Poems (Illustrated) Authors: Wilfred Owen
Published Date: 2020-03-21
Wilfred Owen's book of wartime poetry is full of strong imagery and brutal honesty of the first world war. Owen was killed in action in November, 1918 - and was posthumously promoted to lieutenant the day after his death. His words, however, live on. Owen's close friend Siegfried Sassoon collected as many of Owen's poetry as he could - some finished, others incomplete, and published them in a poetry book so that others could read his insightful poetry. Contents: Preface Strange Meeting Greater Love Apologia pro Poemate Meo The Show Mental Cases Parable of the Old Men and the Young Arms and the Boy Anthem for Doomed Youth The Send-off Insensibility Dulce et Decorum est The Sentry The Dead-Beat Exposure Spring Offensive The Chances S. I. W. Futility Smile, Smile, Smile Conscious A Terre Wild with all Regrets Disabled The End

Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book Poems Authors: Wilfred Owen
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2017-08-24
Categories: Poetry
A collectible new Penguin Classics series: stunning, clothbound editions of ten favourite poets, which present each poet's most famous book of verse as it was originally published. Designed by the acclaimed Coralie Bickford-Smith and beautifully set, these slim, A format volumes are the ultimate gift editions for poetry lovers. Poems is Wilfred Owen's only volume of poetry, first published posthumously in 1920 and edited by his friend and mentor, Siegfried Sassoon. Owen is regarded as one of the best poets of World War I and composed nearly all of his poems in just over a year, between August 1917 and September 1918. Owen was virtually unknown at the time of his death, yet his poetic account of a soldier's experience of war has shaped our impression of the horrors of the Western Front. This collection includes the well-known 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' and 'Dulce et Decorum Est'.

Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen Authors: Wilfred Owen
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
Published Date: 1965
Categories: Poetry
Introduced by a discussion of Owen's poetry and early life, this edition includes youthful and minor verses and the war poems based on manuscripts in the British Museum

Wilfred Owen Books, Wilfred Owen poetry book The Poems of Wilfred Owen Authors: Wilfred Owen
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Poetry
This volume contains all of Owen's best known work, only four of which were published in his lifetime. His war poems were based on his acute observations of the soldiers with whom he served on the Western front, and reflect the horror and waste of World War One.

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