O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


O Master let me walk with theeA
In lowly paths of service freeA
Tell me thy secret help me bearB
The strain of toil the fret of careB
Help me the slow of heart to moveC
By some clear winning word of loveD
Teach me the wayward feet to stayE
And guide them in the homeward wayE
O Master let me walk with theeA
Before the taunting PhariseeF
Help me to bear the sting of spiteG
The hate of men who hide thy lightG
The sore distrust of souls sincereH
Who cannot read thy judgments clearH
The dulness of the multitudeI
Who dimly guess that thou art goodJ
Teach me thy patience still with theeA
In closer dearer companyA
In work that keeps faith sweet and strongK
In trust that triumphs over wrongK
In hope that sends a shining rayE
Far down the future's broadening wayE
In peace that only thou canst giveL
With thee O Master let me liveM

Washington Gladden


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