The Return To Ulster Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Once again but how chang'd since my wand'rings beganA
I have heard the deep voice of the Lagan and BannA
And the pines of Clanbrasil resound to the roarB
That wearies the echoes of fair TullamoreB
Alas My poor bosom and why shouldst thou burnC
With the scenes of my youth can its raptures returnC
Can I live the dear life of delusion againD
That flow'd when these echoes first mix'd with my strainE
It was then that around me though poor and unknownF
High spells of mysterious enchantment were thrownF
The streams were of silver of diamond the dewG
The land was an Eden for fancy was newG
I had heard of our bards and my soul was on fireB
At the rush of their verse and the sweep of their lyreB
To me 'twas not legend nor tale to the earB
But a vision of noontide distinguish'd and clearB
But was she too a phantom the maid who stood byH
And listed my lay while she turn d from mine eyeH
Was she too a vision just glancing to viewG
Then dispers'd in the sunbeam or melted to dewG
Oh Would it had been so O would that her eyeH
Had been but a star glance that shot through the skyH
And her voice that was moulded to melody's thrillI
Had been but a zephyr that sigh'd and was stillI
Oh would it had been so not then this poor heartJ
Had learn'd the sad lesson to love and to partJ
To bear unassisted its burthen of careB
While I toil'd for the wealth I had no one to shareB
Not then had I said when life's summer was doneK
And the hours of her autumn were fast speeding onL
Take the fame and the riches ye brought in your trainE
And restore me the dream of my spring tide againD

Walter Scott (sir)


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