The Two Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You are the town and we are the clockA
We are the guardians of the gate in the rockA
The TwoB
On your left and on your rightC
In the day and in the nightC
We are watching youB
Wiser not to ask just what has occurredD
To them who disobeyed our wordD
To thoseE
We were the whirlpool we were the reefF
We were the formal nightmare griefF
And the unlucky roseE
Climb up the crane learn the sailor's wordsG
When the ships from the islands laden with birdsG
Come inH
Tell your stories of fishing and other men's wivesI
The expansive moments of constricted livesJ
In the lighted innH
But do not imagine we do not knowK
Nor that what you hide with such care won't showK
At a glanceL
Nothing is done nothing is saidM
But don't make the mistake of believing us deadM
I shouldn't danceL
We're afraid in that case you'll have a fallN
We've been watching you over the garden wallN
For hoursO
The sky is darkening like a stainP
Something is going to fall like rainP
And it won't be flowersO
When the green field comes off like a lidQ
Revealing what was much better hidQ
And look behind you without a soundS
The woods have come up and are standing roundS
In deadly crescentR
The bolt is sliding in its grooveT
Outside the window is the black removers' vanU
And now with sudden swift emergenceV
Come the woman in dark glasses and humpbacked surgeonsW
And the scissors manU
This might happen any dayX
So be careful what you sayX
Or doB
Be clean be tidy oil the lockA
Trim the garden wind the clockA
Remember the TwoB

W. H. Auden


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