Poncé De Léon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


By a black wharf I stood latelyB
When the night was at its noonC
Keen malicious stars were shiningD
And a wicked white faced moonC
And I saw a stately vesselE
Built in fashion quaint and oldF
From her masthead in the moonlightG
Hung a flag of faded goldF
Black with age her masts and spars wereH
Black with age her ropes and railsI
Like a ghost through cere cloths gazingD
Shone the white moon through her sailsI
Not a movement stirred the stillnessJ
Not a sound the silence brokeK
Save alone the livid waterH
Lapping round her sides of oakK
Then to her unseen commanderH
Spake I as to one I knewL
Don Juan Ponc de L onM
I have waited long for youL
Take me with you I implore youL
Take me with you on your questN
For the Fount of Youth EternalE
For the Islands of the BlestN
Then above the bulwarks ancientO
I beheld a head ariseP
And the moon with ghastly glimmerH
Lit its sad and hollow eyesP
Grieved am I se or and sorryB
Very courteously it saidQ
That I may not take you with meB
But I only take the DeadQ
These alone may dare the voyageR
These alone sail on the questN
For the Fount of Youth EternalE
For the Islands of the BlestN

Victor James Daley


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